What are the steps to follow in order to meet with a designer?

First call us by telephone to talk with one of our agents. And then present yourself at our headquarters to get an appointment. We can then book a meeting during which there is adequate time for you to explain your wishes and so that the kitchen designer can perform a detailed analysis of your needs in order to plan your project.

Should we meet the kitchen designer at the showroom or at home?

It is preferable to come to our showroom to see our displays. You can therefore see all the styles, concepts, choice of materials and accessories that are available to you. Our samples showroom is an indispensable tool used by our kitchen designers to help you come up with concrete ideas and give them precision. If need be, we can always come to your home, but visiting us onsite is much more valuable.

What shall we prepare before our meeting with a kitchen designer?

Once your appointment with one of our kitchen designers has been booked, we recommend that you bring with you:

  • the final construction plans for a new building;
  • the measurements of the space to renovate;
  • sources of inspiration taken from decor magazines or your own hand-drawn ideas explained on paper;
  • a precise budget which will guide us in the elaboration of the future concept.

Which services are included in the project fee?

Our "turnkey" solution includes measurement-taking at your home, the concept, the elaboration of the plans, the fabrication, the design, practical and trend-savvy advising, the installation, delivery and warranty in addition to after-sales and post-installation customer service relative to your cabinetry and counters.

How much can a standard new kitchen cost?

To estimate costs is very difficult given the vast amount of variables (materials chosen, accessories, size, made-to-measure furnishing, etc.). It is therefore better to discuss with one of our kitchen designers concerning your project. Contact us to get a free estimate.

What is the price difference betwen veneered wood and melamine?

It is difficult to establish an exact percentage or dollar amount because there is a range of prices for both melamine and veneered wood. In addition, the price of veneered wood varies according to its finishing (varnish, stained or lacquered) and the wood type chosen.

Does the installation have to be absolutely done by your workers?

No, but we highly recommend using the services of our team of experts in order to do the work efficiently and get the best available outcome, and consequently your satisfaction of the finished product. In addition, certain warranties may not apply (please check with our kitchen designers). Also, this service is included in your project so why deprive yourself?

What is the usual lead time in delivery?

Between 2 and 6 weeks according to different factors such as the time period within the year, specifications (standard or made-to-measure), the type of materials chosen, etc. Lead time starts at the final measurement-taking done by a Cuisines Beaucage kitchen designer.

Which regions do you serve?

We serve all regions of Quebec: delivery fees are adjusted based on distance undertaken.